The Cleveland Stage Podcast 0202 "AIDS in the New Millennium"

Tyler and Ian talk with Justin Kilduf and Misha Singh from Case Western Reserve University's Graduate Nursing Program. Misha currently serves as a sexual health education lead serving youth at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center. She also works as a recovery room medical assistant at Preterm - a local clinic offering abortion, reproductive, and queer health services. Justin serves as clinical coordinator for Case Western Reserve's student-run health clinic held bi-monthly at Circle Health services and located in the eastern end of University Circle in Cleveland. The clinic offers STD treatment, education, and management as well as a wide variety of social support services. The group discuss how AIDS awareness still wanes even as advances are made in the treatment and diagnosis of HIV.





The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0201: Season Two Premiere w/ "Angels in America, Pt. 1"

It's a new season for The Cleveland Stage Podcast and Tyler & Ian bring on Becca Moseley to discuss the new year and "Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches" which just opened at Ensemble Theatre and is running through January 28. "Part Two: Perestroika" running April 27 - May 20.

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The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0113 w/ Actress Ines Joris of "Angels in America"

In this episode - from the offices of Ensemble Theatre - Tyler Whidden and Ian Hinz speak with Ines Joris from Spain on playing the Angel in Ensemble's upcoming "Angels in America, Parts One & Two." Ines has lived all over the world and talks about performing from London, England to Oxford, Mississippi. We also discuss how important "Angels" is today, given the current political climate, and just what is wrong with Portugal.


The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0112: The Hairy Ape Opening Night w/ Actor James Rankin

In this episode, Tyler and Ian discuss the opening of Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape opening Friday November 17 at Ensemble. And, Tyler talks with actor James Rankin about working on Hairy Ape with Ian ... while Ian is away doing Directory stuff.

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The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0111: The Lake Effect w/ Director Celeste Cosentino

This week on CSP, Tyler and Ian talk with Ensemble Artistic Director Celeste Cosentino who is directing Karamu's co-production of Rajiv Joseph's The Lake Effect playing through November 26 at Karamu. Tickets are available by calling Karamu or visiting Tyler and Ian also discuss some of the plays going on in Cleveland, while Tyler sings a few of his favorite Broadway songs.

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The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0109: Late October Cleveland Stage Round-up, Netflix and the writing biz.

This week on CSP, Tyler and Ian discuss some great plays going on in Cleveland theaters including Dobama, Cleveland Public Theatre, French Creek, Chagrin Valley Little Theater, Beck Center, Blank Canvas, Theatre Ninjas, et all. They also discuss the jump writers are making from theater to television and the effect Netflix is having on how we get our ntertainment.

The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0108: Stagewrights' Workshop and "Mama/Moon" by Tom Frattare

In this episode Tyler and Ian discuss Stagewrights' Workshop member Tom Frattare's  "Mama/Moon" with the playwright and Ensemble General Manager Becca Moseley. Get a behind the scenes look at new play development at Ensemble, why Philip Seymour Hoffman partly inspired this new work about Mama Cass and Keith Moon, the cost of fame and addiction in Rock n' Roll, and if nudity works on stage.

The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0107: A Conversation with Cleveland Actress Laura Starnick

In this episode Tyler and Ian talk with Cleveland actress Laura Starnick about acting, "getting well", playing Anne in the smash hit "Well" by Lisa Kron and why "it's my grabber" is hilarious line.

The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0106: Shahrazad Theatre and the Caucasian Chalk Circle

In this most recent episode (6th installment) of The Cleveland Stage Podcast Tyler and Ian talk to the founders of Shahrazad Theatre Company about the need for more immersive theatre, founding their own theatre, and the upcoming premiere of their new adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's "The Caucasian Chalk Circle".

The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0105 "Well" actors Brian Kenneth Armour and April Needham

In the fifth installment of the Cleveland Stage Podcast, Tyler & Ian talk Lisa Kron's Well, in production at Ensemble Theatre, with two of the stars of the show, Brian Kenneth Armour and April Needham. Brian and April are two of the four ensemble members of the cast, playing themselves & several characters in the play directed by Celeste Cosentino.

The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0104: The Smash Hit "Well", Ensemble Educational Offerings, Cleveland Stage Round-up.

This week on CSP, Tyler and Ian discuss the early success of Ensemble's first play this season, Well. They also discuss Ensemble's upcoming Education Outreach programs, and preview the week's happenings on stages across Cleveland including a new play by local "Playwright Laureate" Eric Coble at CPT.

The Cleveland Stage Podcast #0103: "Well" by Lisa Kron at Ensemble Theatre

Executive Artistic Director Celeste Cosentino chats with the fellas about directing Ensemble Theatre's opening production of the 2017/18 season "Well" by Lisa Kron; the opportunity to produce theater driven by female artists and why you will laugh, cry and maybe see yourself in this quirky meta-theatrical comedy from the writer of the book for the musical "Fun Home". "Well" opens September 29th and runs through October 22nd at Ensemble Theatre. For tickets visit

Cleveland Stage Podcast: #0102 The Coventry P.E.A.C.E Campus - Create, Learn, Show, Grow.

A Preview of the upcoming Wed. September 27thCoventry P.E.A.C.E. Campus Community Meeting at 6:30pm. Tyler and Ian discuss the origins of the Coventry P.E.A.C.E Campus with Ensemble Executive Artistic Director Celeste Cosentino. In this episode we explore adaptive reuse, creative placemaking, collaboration and the vision for the 6 Acre former Coventry elementary school site. The P.E.A.C.E Campus, which includes the Coventry Building,P.E.A.C.E. Playground and Park and site neighbor CH/UH Coventry Library branch, has been transformed over the last seven years by dedicated non-profit organizations into a hub of arts, education and culture serving the Cleveland Heights Community and the NEOHIO region.

Cleveland Stage Podcast: #0101 2017-18 Season Preview

Tyler & Ian discuss the upcoming 38th season, "We The People," at Ensemble Theatre including Lisa Kron's Well, both parts of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neill, The Little Prince, Charles Smith's Jelly Belly, and the 7th Annual Colombi New Plays Festival.