A Cleveland discussion around major themes in August Wilson's "RADIO GOLF".

Ensemble Theatre will present the award winning Radio Golf. The play will serve as a focal point of a project designed to create a community discussion around the themes present in the play: the costs of running for political office/campaigns, race, and the effects of gentrification on a community and its residents. Performances, talkbacks, writing workshops, and outreach activities will engage residents in a dialogue about how these themes relate to Cleveland and Cuyahoga County communities.



Sunday February 5th

  •  Post Show Talkback with the Cast and CEO of Karamu House, Tony Sias. 

Saturday February 11th

  • Post Show Talkback with Roland V. Anglin, Ph.D., Dean of the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.  


All Readings will start @7pm.  (Locations will vary)

Monday February 20th (@Ensemble Theatre)

  • Sag Harbor, Agnes Herrmann
  • Special, Rannigan Walsh
  • Soggy Sofa, Barbara Harkes

Wednesday February 22nd

  •  The Last Waltz by Jean Cummins
  •  Prospect (One Act) by Ann Cohen
  • Moving In, Moving On by Cindy Dettlebach

Wednesday March 1st

  • Heaven's Gate, Berenice Kleiman
  • The Night in Question (One Act), Jonathan Jackson 
  • Punji Sticks, Vickie Williams
  • Cue The Sunset (One Act), Joey Bauer