2019-2020 GENERAL AUDITIONS -Making HER Stories

When: Monday, May 13th and Tuesday May 14th from 5:30 til 10pm
Where:  2843 Washington Blvd. | Clevleand Hts., OH 44118

  • Audition slots are 10 minutes each. PLEASE CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition time slot!

  • Please prepare two contrasting monologues and bring 3 copies of your resume and at LEAST one copy of your headshot.

  • Equity contracts are available for the season. These are Tier One Special Appearance contracts. 

All actors cast, Equity and non-Equity, will be compensated. Non Equity Stipends are communicated with casting offer.

  • Most productions rehearse 4-5 weeks prior to opening date. 

  • Most rehearsals are weekday evenings and weekend days with 2 days off a week. 

  • Rehearsal Schedules can vary per show.

  • Performances: Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays @2pm unless otherwise notified PRIOR to signing a contract.

  • PLEASE Email or call with ANY Questions. P: 216-438-0544 E: auditions@ensemble-theatre.org



By Marina Carr | Directed by Celeste Cosentino
(Sept. 6-29, 2019) MainStage Theatre

Characters: 6 Men, 5 Women, 1 Girl, extras.

Hester Swane (This Role has been cast) 40’s
Carthage Kilbride: 30’s. Hester's former lover with whom she shares a daughter, Josie Kilbride.
Josie Kilbride: 7, Hester & Carthage’s daughter.
Mrs Kilbride: 60’s, Carthage’s Mother.
Monica Murray, 60’s, a neighbor.
The Catwoman, 60’s, lives on the bog.
Xavier Cassidy, sixties, a big farmer.
Caroline Cassidy, twenty, Xavier’s daughter.
The Ghost Fancier
The Ghost of Joseph Swane (18)
Young Dunne (a waiter)
Father Willow, eighty.
Two other waiters.


By Margaret Atwood | Directed by Celeste Cosentino
18-Nov 10, 2019) Maintstage Theatre

-Looking for a DIVERSE cast of 13 women.


By Lynn Nottage | Directed by Sarah May.
(Jan 24-Feb 23, 2020) MainStageTheatre

Esther : 35, African American from the South, a seamstress, shy, plain, hard-working, but full of dreams.
Mrs. Dickson : 50's-60's, African American widow, a nosy landlady, self-righteous, but kind.
Mrs. Van Buren: 20's-30's, attractive young white New York society lady, yearning for love.
Mr. Marks : 30's, white orthodox Romanian Jewish immigrant, garment worker, warm and energetic
Mayme : 30's, African American nightclub entertainer, singer/pianist, prostitute, fun-loving but lonely.
George : 30's-40's, from Barbados, a laborer working on the Panama Canal, dreaming big dreams, too.


By Diane Samuels | Directed by Katia Schwarz
(March 6-29, 2020) MainStage Theatre

Evelyn: English middle-class woman. In her fifties. (This role has been cast).
Faith : Evelyn’s only child. In her early twenties.
Eva: Evelyn’s younger self. She starts the play at nine years old and finishes it at seventeen years old. Jewish German becoming increasingly English.
Helga: German Jewish woman of the late 1930’s. In her early thirties. Eva/Evelyn’s mother.
Lil : Eva/Evelyn’s English foster mother. In her eighties.
The Ratchatcher : A mythical character, who also plays: The Nazi Border Official, The English Organizer, The Postman, & The Station Guard.

For additional information:
P: 216-438-0544 | E: auditions@ensemble-theatre.org. Please do NOT hesitate to contact us with ANY questions.

Please Note:  Additional "auditions" may be held on a show by show basis. The Ensemble Theatre casting/audition process is open to all ages and ethnicities.  We encourage everyone who would like to audition to do so for any/all roles they are interested in.  Roles are open to both traditional & non traditional casting with the exception where age or ethnicity is essential to the role.
We look forward to meeting you at auditions! 

Please Note: These auditions do NOT include our final production of FUN HOME.

We will be scheduling a SEPERATE set of auditions at a later date in the very near future. Check back here for updated dates and times!