A platform for fostering the creative potential of all children. We all want to know that the world we live in is possibly bigger than we realize.  That there is more that exists for us….a sense of awe. We want to give kids a chance to experience magic, and to believe and know that they have not yet begun to touch their capabilities or experience what the world has in store for them.  We want to give kids more. Through theatre. And we need your help. 

Together Building Rox and Ensemble Theatre (with guests artists from Lake Erie Ink),
in Cleveland Heights, are running a camp! Three weeks. From 9:00-3pm. Fourteen Students.
ALL 7 CHUH elementary schools represented at a final performance at Cain Park.

Building Rox represents a group of CH-UH parents supported through the RoxEl PTA and dedicated to facilitating a safe, inclusive, community-focused school environment for all students through outreach and programming.  While traditionally Building Rox has impacted students at RoxEl and Rox Middle, our current project seeks to foster the creative potential of a broader elementary audience throughout the entire district.  

Ensemble Theatre, housed in the Coventry School Building, is dedicated to the responsible production of works that celebrate the human spirit.  Their guiding principles include a commitment to non-traditional casting and to providing culturally diverse programming that speaks to issues of contemporary life.  Educational and outreach activities impact youth and underserved populations through classes as well as resident and touring performances.

Using criteria developed by Building Rox and Ensemble Theatre, we plan to identify 14 elementary aged children (two from each of our schools) who will be able to participate in a three week summer camp culminating in a performance in the Alma Theatre at Cain Park on Saturday August 5th at 4pm. This camp, led by Ensemble Theatre, will be called “Heights Performing Arts Camp”.  We seek to offer a yearly summer opportunity to children in the district who may not otherwise be exposed to a rich, theatre arts experience. The camp will run from July 16th through August 4th at Ensemble Theatre in Cleveland Heights! 

We would like to acknowledge and thank those who have supported us already!  A Special Thank you to: ROX ARTS, Barbara Schubert, Dallas Schubert, 
Danny J. & Joy A. Kump, and The Holland Family. Join Them! 

We will look forward to working with the residential and commercial Cleveland Heights community to continue support for this and future summer camps through donations and sponsorships keeping this camp FREE for the students. We greatly appreciate your consideration of our request and your expressed enthusiasm for this endeavor.  

Questions please contact: 
Celeste Cosentino, Executive Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre. 
celeste@ensemble-theatre.org. | 216-321-2930 (office). 
Jen Holland, Chair, Building Rox
buildingrox@gmail.com | 216.245-1819
Ian Hinz, Camp Counselor, Ensemble Staff
ian@ensemble-theatre.org | 216.321.2930

Ian is a graduate of Ohio University, Ian has worked professionally as a producer, director, designer, director of operations and theater educator for over sixteen years in Ohio and New York. Prior to serving as Producing Director at Tantrum Theater and returning home to Cleveland Ohio, Ian helped lead the resurgence of Ensemble Theatre in Cleveland as Producer and Co-Artistic Director. He is co-founder of the Ensemble Stage-Wrights’ workshop, two-time winner of the Cleveland Critics’ Circle Best Director award and served as Artistic Director and Operations Manager for the city of Cleveland Heights’ historic Cain Park Amphitheater. He has worked in operations for The Ohio State University Jerome Schottenstein Center and the Cleveland State University Department of Music as a stage production specialist. He has produced off-off-broadway at the Gene Frankel Theater and worked in business development in the tech startup industry in New York City.  He is very excited to be back in Cleveland and to work with such a great group of CH-UH students this summer! 

Ensemble Theatre also continues to offer seasonal admission classes. Called The Heights Performing Arts Collaborative, we offer a continual new list of class offerings!  Theatre eductions in the Heights!

Upcoming Class sessions are as follows (prices may vary).  
(Classes need at least 10 enrolled students to go forward.)  

Young Actor's Workshops!

FALL Session (6 weeks): September 28th to November 7th. 
WINTER Session (6 weeks): January 25th-March 5th.    
SPRING Session (6 weeks): April 4th to May 14th

Acting OUT!  (Grades K-3) Mondays from 4:00-5:30.   This class is designed for theatre beginners.  Students will work with instructors playing theatre games and learning the basics of theatre and storyline.  They will lean basic improv and movement.  They will learn the basics of staging, script, and beginners fundamentals for acting.  They will work together to create a end of class presentation based on the work done in class.
Instructor:  James Rankin

Curtain UP! (Grades 4-6) Mondays from 4:00-5:30.  This class is designed for students who are interested in further developing their understanding of theatre skills.  They will work further to understand basic script analysis, blocking, and acting fundamentals.  They will learn structured improv!  They will do monologue and scene work that will be performed as a final class presentation.  This class helps with speaking publicly, interpersonal skills and learning to understand and adapt to a scene or scenario.
Instructor: Kyle Huff

Professional Training Intensives!   

(Grades 7-12) Saturdays 10-11:30

Fall session is IMPROV.  FALL Session (6 weeks): September 28th to November 7th. 
Winter session is DANCE.  WINTER Session (6 weeks): January 25th-March 5th.    
Spring session is ACTING.  SPRING Session (6 weeks): April 4th to May 14th

With a Summer Showcase with a performance for local area performing arts and theatre professionals!

Ensemble Theatre also offers audition/monologue/individual acting coaching on an hourly basis.         

For more information pricing and on all things theatre education call 216.309-2287.
Email: classes@ensemble-theatre.org 

Classes run for  6 Week or 8 week sessions.  6 or 8 - 1.5 hour classes.   
$165 for 6 week session.  $180 for 8 Week Session.   
Individaul coaching per hour costs can vary by instructor.  Call/Email for more information.  






PLEASE NOTE: (when purchasing a class online)
Forms still must be PRINTED (from this site) and MAILED, or brought with student to first class.  

Mail forms to:  ENSEMBLE THEATRE  P.O.Box 181309 Cleveland Heights, OH  44118
ALL CLASSES take place at Ensemble Theatre located at 2843 Washington Blvd in Cleveland Heights (44118)

PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL WITH QUESTIONS:  216.309-2287  classes@ensemble-theatre.org