2018 Colombi New Plays Festival Playwright Bios


Richard S. Asbury is an African American writer born in Western PA as the son of a Postal Worker and a Beautician. He is married with two grown children and three grandchildren. Richard earned his BS Ed. from Ohio University and his MA Ed. from Pepperdine University. He also earned his MS Ed. from Cleveland State University. Richard is a 20-year U.S. Navy Vet (Retired as a LCDR) and 20-year Training Consultant. He is a self-taught Playwright who hopes to bring forth stories of the Black community, that deliver messages everyone can relate to and find enlightening, and entertaining.


Joey Bauer is an author/provocateur, whose credits include the memoir, Hollywood Raw, the novels, Occupation Wiseguy and Two Guys from Cleveland, and several plays. His stage oeuvres have been presented by Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Los Angeles and read at Ensemble Theatre. A retrospective of his portfolio is available on kindle.


Ann Cohen is a playwright, poet, songwriter, librettist, journalist, interior designer and when the mood strikes, she sketches people. And she sings.  Her screenplays include Ancient History and Murder in B Flat.   Her musical, Openings, graced the stage at Ensemble Theatre as a concert reading, part of Stagewrights New Works Festival. A reading of her short play, Prospect, was also presented there. As a journalist, she was a film reviewer, specializing in French cinema, and she has written about interior design.  Currently, she creates works for the theater.  Out of the Woods is a monologue about a particular kind of journey. Ann was born in Cleveland, and her higher education took her to the University of Cincinnati, and then to University of Connecticut.


Agnes Herrmann is an actor and has worked on stage, on film, and for many years in NYC doing voice-overs. She is a member of Ensemble Theatre’s Stagewrights Workshop in Cleveland. She’s written many 10-minute plays and a full-length play, Makin’ Sawce, all of which had readings at Ensemble Theater. She is working on a full-length musical, currently entitled The Curious Cabinet, a story about illegal immigration, intended for both adults and children, as well as a new piece entitled Limbo.


Molly is an actress and jazz vocalist who has performed in regional theatres throughout the country as well as New York for 20 years. She is a newcomer to playwriting, Fish Feel Pain is her first full length play. Molly is thrilled to be living in Cleveland and participating with StageWrights at Ensemble Theatre. She has written prose and been published in a variety of publications. Molly resides in Cleveland Heights with her Husband, Brian McFadden, who is a playwright.


Ed Meunier graduated from JCU and earned a master's degree from Akron.  He is an English teacher retired from Plain Local Schools, Canton, and is married to Carol, a math and algebra teacher also retired from PLS.  Ed is father to three children and grandfather to six.  
Since becoming involved in community theatre in 2002, he has performed in over 40 productions.   In 2014, he played Rocket Man in a student film by the same name, which appeared at the Canton Palace Theatre’s Open Frame festival.  Favorite roles include Fagin in Oliver! and George in Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?   
Hobbies include playing golf and cheering on The Tribe.  He's thrilled to see Smart Pills come to life onstage, and hopes you enjoy it.


Where there is Art, there is Pamela. First a portrait artist, she later evolved through other related careers successfully, until she discovered writing a few years ago. Since beginning to write she has completed five full-length stage plays, ten short plays, and five screenplays (part of "Orion's Belt" appears in "Avatar”). She has won awards for some and been a finalist with others, and had productions in NYC, Boston, Akron, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. She is currently writing a book with her partner, Bob, and finishing two others begun while a clinical psychologist. Pamela also edits and dramaturgs. She is grateful to her family and friends, and most of all her muse (partner) for all their support and belief in her.


In 2011, Michael Oatman won the CPAC Workforce Fellowship and the Cleveland Art Prize in 2010 for Best Emerging Artist and the 2010 Lantern Award for Best Play. In 2017 he co-wrote Objectively/Reasonable which tackled the community’s response to the shooting of Tamir Rice. In 2016 The Phoenix Theater produced Starve the Devil. 2015 brought the production of Killing Black Superman at the Kultivation Theater and a commissioned piece Crazy Man for Weathervane Theater. Michael Oatman earned an English Degree from Cleveland State University in 2004 and completed his MFA in theater, from the Northeastern Ohio Master of Fine arts Consortium in 2008. He currently teaches playwriting at Kent State University and serves as a playwriting mentor the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


Rannigan Walsh, (ranni@me.com), has been a devoted participant of Ensemble Theatre’s Stagewrights Workshop for six years. Besides one-act plays, she’s focused on full-length and ten-minute plays. A Kind of Courage, a play about human trafficking, was produced as part of the 2016 Colombi New Plays Festival. She is currently working on her next full length play.